Our site is the first in our industry to allow creative interaction and hand over the design capabilities to the user. The " Kultur" design application in it's infancy will allow you to create thousands of different possible creative mattress concepts. This is only the beginning, and what a beginning it is. Be the first to create a look that is truly your creation

Monday, February 28, 2011

"Mattress Kits"

           "Wow"  Where do we start!.  If you're looking for a design edge to excite your customer and differentiate your line up from the competition, we at 'Ideal" have what you need.  Ideal spent months researching textiles and designing covers that exemplifies a new echelon of perfection.  Over 200 different textiles were considered for our line, but only 20 made the grade.  Burgundy, gray, black, chocolate, gold, silver, white, and beige were the colors that gave us the inspiration to create 10 new kits that just could be the next trend. Our competitors call it modern, we call it our drive for excellence and providing our customers with the best product at price point that keeps them one step ahead of their retail adversaries.

         Covers are available for all types of mattress constructions, Standard, Faux Pillow Top, Pillow Top, Euro Top, Box Top,  Stretch Standard, Pro Sleep, Crown Top, and even new future constructions that have not been seen by the industry. We even make pet bed kits.  Whether for Spring, Pocket coil, Air, Latex, Viscose, or Gel, we have constructions that can accommodate all types of specialty bedding.  Zipper positioning can be anywhere, border top, border bottom, 2" to 3" recessed, hidden behind tape, hidden in gusset inseam, and top tape bed connect system.
       We carry a wide variety of Quilting Foam ( 1lb to 1.8lb PU foam, Latex, Viscose, and Simulated latex,), Fr Fiber and Laminates, Fiber Fills ( Joma Wool, Cotton, Feathers, Silk, and Cashmere), Backings ( Polypropylene, Tricot, Poly Cotton, Cotton, Fr Stitch Bond, and more) to give you hundreds of options and feels.

          We also stock many different trims, accents, and fastening options:
Mattress Tapes:   Knit and woven in several unique designs
Micro piping and Accent Piping:  In house manufacturing of piping gives us limitless options.
Twisted Cording:  Micro White, Black Silver, Beige and brown, Blue and White, etc
Handles:  Mfg. in house, hundreds of different combination's possible.
Fastening Options:   # 5 & #3 nylon and resin converted zippers, strap/handle systems, buttons, and more.
Border Accents:  Center stripe's of suede, tapes, upholstery fabrics, lurex, and more.
Embroidery options:  Logos, border accent designs, pinstripes, and shapes.

       Whether your needs are 10 or 10,000, "Ideal" can accommodate any request.  Be sure to visit this blog often as this is where we will showcase concepts designs and announce the launch of new products.

Visit our website today http://www.idealquilting.com


Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Institutional and Medical Mattress Covers"

            Ideal produces all types of bedding covers. Dorm, Institutional, Commercial, Juvenile, and Medical Mattress Covers. We produce over 80 percent of the tenders our clients bid on.  In fact we have our covers in hotels and institutions in several countries .  Our expertise in this field and our connection with the key suppliers of institutional nylons and vinyls keeps us in the loop to offer you the product you need to properly submit your bid at a competitive price point.

         From flammability laws to toxicity tests to juvenile laws we have the experience and knowledge to guide even the most inexperienced manufacturer in putting together a comprehensive and complaint product. If it design you require Ideal can walk you through the process and assist you in a creative design to excite the industry and put you in the forefront of innovation. We can even help you with foam and core specs.  Contact us or visit our website for more information.  http://www.idealquilting.com

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Zippered Mattress Pad Covers"

"Organic Cotton 2 Sided Pad Cover"
   Looking for an after market O.E.M. product for the customers that are not quite ready to purchase that new mattress, but need something to upgrade the comfort of their existing bed?.  Why not a luxurious mattress pad with a washable cover?  This will give your customer what they need immediately and assure they come back to buy that new mattress when ready. 
"Organic Cotton Fabric"

      Ideal offers several different models of mattress pad covers, from entry level washable 200 thread count cotton percale, to luxurious Organic Cotton, Cool Max, Bamboo, and Aloe Vera. Twin, TXL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, as well as custom sizes to accommodate your clients needs.  Available in one sided and 2 sided covers these can be laundered in the washing machine in cold water.   Visit our website http://www.idealquilting.com  for more information. Download our brochure or call us to inquire about these covers.    

Thursday, February 17, 2011


   Ideal introduces 3 new models to our line up.  "Link", "Wave", and "Bloom" are structured to give our clients exceptional value and look at a meat and potato's price point.  These covers are all made with the same fabrics and fills, but all are individually unique. We have achieved this by modifying accents and quilt patterns.
    White Knit quilted with a 6" ribbon pattern with a fill of  1.5 lb 5/8 foam and 17oz fr fiber & 1.25oz polypropylene backing.  Link is an 8" Standard cover with a Black & White premium mattress tape, and would be perfect for a Firm Mattress.  It is available in Zippered No Flip Standard, 1 Sided Standard, and 2 Sided Standard constructions.
       White Knit quilted with a 12" wave diamond  pattern with a fill of  1.5 lb 5/8 foam and 17oz fr fiber & 1.25oz polypropylene backing.  Wave is an 8" Standard cover with a Grey and White Diagonal premium mattress tape, and would be perfect for a Plush Mattress. It is available in Zippered No Flip Standard, 1 Sided Standard, and 2 Sided Standard constructions.
      White Knit quilted with a 4" x 4" custom  Tack & jump  pattern with a fill of  1.5 lb 5/8 foam and 17oz fr fiber & 1.25oz polypropylene backing. Bloom is an 9" Faux Pillow Top cover with a Gold Lurex premium mattress tape set at 7" & 2"   and would be perfect for a entry level Euro Top Mattress. It is available in Zippered No Flip Faux Pillow Top , 1 Sided Faux Pillow Top, and 2 Sided Faux Pillow Top constructions.

These will be added to our brochure which is available to download at our website.  http://www.idealquilting.com 

Saturday, February 12, 2011


                              Ideal's mantra is " Create not Replicate".   At Ideal we design, create, and develop new products and concepts everyday and we mean everyday.   Creation of several new ideas is our weekly goal, in the past 12 months we have designed over 1000 new Quilt Patterns, 200 new mattress cover designs, developed 6 new mattress categories,  utilized over 300 different fabrics and trims, created 30+ border concepts, designed 26 Marketing logo's for embroidery,  implemented 17 new sewing processes in to production, utilized 73 new cutting templates, integrated 8 unique quilt fills, and C.A.D. designed over 40 new construction concepts that will see come to life over the next few months.

       We constantly scour the world for the newest creative products and technical advances that have potential, often we entertain products outside of our industry for analysis and possible integration into mattress construction. At Ideal all our employees are encouraged to participate, critique, and submit their own ideas. Their input is critical to the success of all projects, and assist in the project going from a design concept to a production ready product or process. We're never satisfied with complacency.

           Many of our suppliers submit new innovations not yet tested in the market for our evaluation of how it could benefit the market and best fit into current constructions. These innovations are not always components we can incorporate in sellable product. Even though Ideal is a soft goods and mattress cover supplier we pride ourselves in understanding all facets of mattress construction.  This helps us to understand the functional challenges that might arise when different internal construction materials are utilized, thus providing our customers with the most proficient and effective covering for their unique innovations.

           Like the tortoise in the childhood fable, others may be quick to react with whats popular now, but we slowly conceive the steadfast future inspirations that always cross the finish line first. Although our ideas and design might be too visionary for some, we believe that many start trends and change the way the consumer views and perceives value, functionality, and style.

           We have utilized social media to give us a platform to keep the industry updated and informed on the future of sleep products. This public display of our innovations affords our competitors the chance to mimic or copy our ideas, but we at feel that this is a tribute to our constant quest for the next industry breakthrough that will excite the definitive consumer.

 At Ideal we don't expect your business, we want to earn it. Our passion is seeing the success of your vision come to fruition.  Whatever your needs are, whatever direction your company would like to explore, we can assist you in insuring that it is a successful reality.  Visit our website http://www.idealquilting.com or call us to take the first step in crossing the finish line first. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Promotional Showroom Products"

Why not enhance your showroom with decorative and informative custom accessories to promote your mattresses?.
"Head Board Cover"
Ideal can even provide you with eye-catching embroidered borders that will make mattresses stand out among your competitors.

"Border Logo"
Ideal's in-house embroidery and design capability give us control of the tools to create the perfect look to enhance you line up.

" Border Accents"
Whether it's Ultrasuede, Twill, Percale, Organic Cotton, etc.., we have hundreds of fabric's and trims to choose from.
We carry over a hundred different colors, and Matt, Glossy, and Metallic threads are available.

"Pillow Shams"
Pillow Covers, Shams, Foot Protectors, Headboard Covers, Borders, Drapery, and Bolsters all custom embroidered with you company logo, design, or product name.
 Anything you can dream up our design team can make it a reality.  Visit our website for more information. http://www.idealquilting.com
"Pillow Covers"
"Bed Boots"