Our site is the first in our industry to allow creative interaction and hand over the design capabilities to the user. The " Kultur" design application in it's infancy will allow you to create thousands of different possible creative mattress concepts. This is only the beginning, and what a beginning it is. Be the first to create a look that is truly your creation

Monday, March 26, 2012

" PAWTUR COMFORT" Portable comfort

 " PAWTUR COMFORT"  The portable travel / kennel pad for dog's and Cats. Made from a lightweight beaded polyethylene foam the portable pad separates down the center and has die cut carrying handles for easy transport. Beaded polyethylene is strong, durable, tear resistant, has no moisture retention,  and has no temperature transfer so even if placed on cold ground the sleeping surface temperature remains neutral.

This is a great pad for travel, kennels, Hunting, camping or the beach. to matter what surface you place this on hot or cold the surface of the pad keeps the pet's body comfortable. The pad is virtually indestructible, light weight, anti-static, and dark grey in color.  Easily cleanable with a damp rag.  You can hand wash "PAWTUR COMFORT"  with soapy water, submerse in water, or spray with the garden to clean larger stains,  the pad is quick drying because the closed cell structure does not allow moisture in.  No more dragging your pet bed in to the tent,  or have your pet sleep on your air mattress.  Take the dog hunting and place pad on the ground or in his crate,  boarding your pet place the pad in his kennel for a clean comfortable stay.

"PAWTUR COMFORT" Interlocking crate pad  is available in the following sizes:

Small  3/4" x 21" x 30"
Medium 3/4" x 23" x 36"
Large 3/4" x 30' x 42"

For more Information on these products 
Please contact us:

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"HAUTE PAWTUR" AND "PAWTUR RECOVERY" Pressure Mapped Sleep Systems

                    Introducing 2 new remarkable sleep systems for our best friends "Pawtur Recovery' and "Haute Pawtur",  Both products feature unique inner construction that supports and body pressure maps your pet, for the ultimate in care and comfort,  Natural Bamboo and Organic Cotton washable outer covers keep the bed fresh and clean, while protecting the inner core from spills and accidents. Both covers are micro-encapsulated with a natural oils that protect your pet from and eliminate infestations fleas, bedbugs, and mosquito's.   The no edge-corner design reduces your dogs need to suck or chew the corners. A hidden zipper prevents the chewing of the slider and damaging the zipper.

 The "PAWTUR RECOVERY" Sleep System is a pressure mapped dog bed for infirm, recovering, or aging dog that require gentle support to tender surgery wounds or pressure relief from arthritis, hip displacement , or inflamed joints as they get on in years.

This mattress system is made of :
1.  beaded polyethylene base layer to keep moisture away and insulate the bed from surface temperature changes.
2.  H.R. Support layer that supports and structurizes the bed.
3. Visco-elastic convoluted top foam to enhance support and reduces stress to the joints by pressure mapping the weight of the dog to the exact level of comfort required to comfort the ailing areas.

The medical grade fluid proof inner cover with 2 way stretch for added comfort is welded to preserve the integrity of the core preventing bacteria from entering, cover can be easily cleaned.
The Bamboo outer cover provides comfort and protection with silver and essential oils that promote healing and prevents fleas and other pests from contaminating the beds and more importantly your best friend.

"PAWTUR RECOVERY" is available in three sizes:
Small        3.5" x 19" x 26"
Medium    3.5" x 24" x 39"
Large        3.5" x 36" x 44"

"HAUTE PAWTUR" Sleep System is the ultimate in luxury canine comfort.   With the same core build up as the "PAWTUR RECOVERY" Bed ( Beaded Polyethylene base foam,  High Resiliency Middle support layer, and luxurious Visco-Elastic memory foam ) the body pressure-mapped sleep system cradles your pet while maintaining a constant body temperature for the perfect sleep environment.

      The cover is constructed from an Organic Cotton circular knit that woven with silver threads and micro-encapsulated  with essential oils that protect you pet from unwanted pests. The cover is laminated with a PVC coating the maintains the stretchability while preventing fluids for contaminating the mattress core.
            The cover is fully washable and or can be dry cleaned to maintain freshness and cleanliness.  The no edge construction and hidden zipper prevents damage to the bed.  

"Embroidered Logo in Burgundy Satin"
"HAUTE PAWTUR" is also available in three sizes:
Small        3.5" x 19" x 26"
Medium    3.5" x 24" x 39"
Large        3.5" x 36" x 44"

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


IDEAL CONCEPTS introduces another first,  Quilted zippered 1 or 2 sided mattress kits for inner spring units. Now you wont need a tape edge machine to make inner spring mattresses.   We have prototyped these kits to be full compliant with today's Fr laws.   A build up table and a hog ring gun is all you need. 

The kit is pre-assembled  so all you need to do is build up your spring unit with  you pad and foams and  position the bottom panel and hog ring it to the coils. Both  flange and Fr flange are affixed to the panel to cover the unit.  Then build up the top layer and place the panel and hog ring hat to the coils as well.
A FR fiber band is placed around the the spring unit under the secondary fr flange and then you just Zip the cover together to close.  Your mattress is now finished and ready to put on the floor.
All of our mattress kits are available in this construction, so the possibilities are endless.  Visit or website and download our brochure to view the selection available.  Custom kits are available so inquire today.  

Contact us for more information:


 We at Ideal Concepts are always looking for the next trend in mattress design.   We are proud to introduce "PARALLEL" a new 2 zippered mattress cover and mattress pad system to our line up.  Picture framed in a luscious textured silver grey brushed upholstery fabric with a 5" wrap on both sided, with centered zipper running at the center of the head.  The panels on both sided are the mirror image of themselves precision cut for exact pattern placement  on each side.  The panel  is a 420 gram super stretch circular knit fabric.

This is a two piece sleep system than can be flipped to change and feel of the topper and the mattress to customize the level of comfort your customer desires.  The pieces are sold separately so you can customize the look of you showroom models. Both the mattress and the topper are two sided  The mattress can accommodate 10" of fill material  and the Mattress topper has a 3" profile.   You can use up to 4 different  components to change the feel of this system.  The possibilities are endless
You also have the option of a Picture Framed or Traditional Look Topper which will allow you more flexibility with your floor models.  We will be adding two more models "Harvest" and "Portrait" to this exciting new line up.

For more information contact:
Ideal Concepts

Monday, March 19, 2012

"ENVIRO-PORTER" Saving the enviroment one delivery at a time!

        Introducing "Enviro-Porter" the first
environmentally friendly reusable white glove mattress delivery system.                                       
       "Enviro-Porter"enhances your companies  identity and show’s your dedication in reducing waste and  non biodegradable plastic in our landfill, all while saving your business money.

"Enviro-Porter" is made from a durable PVC backed medical grade nylon and is water proof, scuff proof, and mold resistant.  8 reinforced  handles makes carrying large and heavy mattresses more ergonomic and with less stress on your employees.   Zippered opening makes it easy  to load mattresses as they  come off the finishing line.   Reinforced ballistic nylon corners strengthen the bag when being dragged and protects the mattress from being exposed and causing damage to the corners saving you even more.   Clear PVC pocket for product identification and shipping instructions.  Support your valuable customers by have their logo emblazoned directly on their delivery bags.  

"Enviro-Porter" will replace 100 + plastic bags and protect your product virtually eliminating damages during delivery. This could save you hundreds of dollars with just one bag.  

For more Information on how much money you can save.  
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Quackers for Comfort"

      At Ideal the possibilities are endless,  we search out and find the missing niche and look to bring solutions that provide the customer and the consumer with a breath of fresh air.  The Asia is always pounding our shores with replications of already successful products at the lowest price possible.  "But where is the true innovation or craftsmanship".

      Many times we have witnessed innovations that were used generations ago introduced as a fresh new approach integrated in to a look that defines today's market.  "Why is this you ask?"  Because they were the best product then and are still the best products now.  The only reason they were no longer used, is because a cheaper replication was developed to improve cost to the consumer.  All you have to do if look at the trend that are popular in the bedding industry right now,  Cotton, Wool, Latex, Viscose, etc... none of these are new technologies, these are time tested durable components with a long history of providing functionality and comfort.

      This is why we are introducing feathers and down to our line up of component fills and mattress covers, at top of the bed products.  Feather's have been used for comfort for centuries and is one of the best resources for a temperature enhanced sleep environment.  When used as a comfort layer ( Feather Bed) there if nothing else on the market that provides a more comfortable surface which reacts to your pressure points as you sleep,  it kind of like "Nature's version of Memory foam".  Unlike foams, latex, and coils, it can be removed and dry cleaned sanitizing it to is original freshness.  A good quality Feather product has longevity and durability, and if properly cared for will out perform any man made synthetic for years to come.  we have combined the finest down proof percale satins with the best quality feather and down to give you exceptional value for the price. Look for our launch of our new brochure and website www.kulturhome.com in Fall 2011.  
For information on new down filled mattress cover constructions and products, please contact us at 
Ph # Toll Free 877 748 8402 
or visit our website for more information www.idealquilting.com 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Additions to the Family"

 At Ideal we are always looking to improve and expand our line up.  Many times when we develop a new concept with new textiles that we are sampling or customers request something new that they would like to have on their floor, the cover falls right into our innovative train of thought and is too good to be overlooked.  Ideal is proud to introduce 5 new additions to our family of mattress kits to our line up. "Aspect", "Seduce", "Touch", "Harvest", and "POP"  will be added to our brochure and be ready to ship in August 2011.  Here is a preview and a brief description of the new additions.

"Seduce Zippered Mattress Cover"

This cover features a luxurious beige 300 gram brushed polyester Panel and border accented by a beautiful chocolate mattress tape and matching chocolate textured velour vertical handles. Uniquely quilted with a custom axiom cluster quilt pattern.

"POP" Mattress and Topper Euro Top

This cover unique construction consists of 2 separate components creating one fabtastic look.  A separate 9" quilted water fall base unit and a 3" 2 sided non quilted zippered mattress topper unit and constructed from a cream and beige 500 gram super stretch directional knit fabric. Truly European styled elegance that will enhance any showroom floor.

"Harvest"  Mattress Cover
Beautiful Autumn Red Textured Velour border wraps on to a artistic embossed chestnut brown and white centered floral 340 gram circular knit. Matching foundation cover and recessed zipper for a streamlined original profile.  

"Aspect" Mattress Cover 
Silpure technology drives this modern geometric mattress cover. Abstract silver and white 400 gram circular knit panel with anti-bacterial silver treatment and a uniquely cut basket weave high gloss laminated silver cashmere border with a diagonal decorative metallic silver zipper.  This mattress can be placed on the foundation in 2 different ways each creating a different look.

"Touch" Zippered Mattress Cover
This cover proves that a great look is only part of the appeal for today's consumer.  Beige and white diamond patterned 400 gram super stretch knit panels custom cut with a Beige raised ribbed laminated velour that corner wraps on to the panel creates a symmetrical look that is both visually appealing and unique to the touch. 

These new covers will be available in our new 2012 brochure along with our value lineup July 15th .  Brochure will be available for download on our website http://www.idealquilting.com  and full technical description and more information is available on our Mattress Kit blog  http://mattress-kits.blogspot.com/
Contact us to find out how these new covers can adorn your showroom floor  sales@ idealquilting.com  or call toll free 1-877-748-8402

Want to keep abreast of what we are working follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/MATTRESSDESIGN 


          Here at Ideal we treat all projects as creations, in fact we refer to the cutting of the initial samples as giving birth.  Constructions evolve from feel and looks of the the initial inspiration, color, texture, story,  quilt pattern, and/or accents. We examine all components and develop a outline for the type or types of looks that could possibly be conceived.
"WANAKA"  Zippered Mattress Kit

"Bed Art" is conceptual idea's brought to functional reality.
Imagine if you possibilities were endless, at "Ideal they are. We like to think of ourselves as the "Willy Wonka" of  "Conceptual Mattress Design" scouring all facets of the design world to come up with elements for new creations.  We do this every day as part of our research and development curriculum to create future products that could be the next buzz. 

      If you are looking for something innovative and new for your next Presentation, Trade Show, Market, or Showroom Floor we can help make it a quick, easy, and budget friendly process.  Contact us for more information.

Ideal Concepts and Mattress Design
Ph# 416 748 8402
Toll free:  (Canada and US)  877 748 8402
E-mail: Sales@idealquilting.com

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Texture's, Textiles, and Patterns"

              At Ideal we look at all aspects of the products we design.  From internal components to outside coverings we examine all to to create the right look and functionality for your individual product.   We pride ourselves in being able to think out side of the box.

 We look at each project individually, and select the right combination of components, accents, and textiles for the the product.  It all depends on the venue and the demographic our client is targeting. 

We select textiles from all facets of different industries and applications.  The possibilities are endless. Circular Knits, Single Knits, Double Knits, Woven, Jacquard, Brushed Polyesters, Cashmere, Non-Wovens, Elephant Skin, Textured Velour's and Fleece, Flocked Jacquard's,   Ribbed Ultra Suede's, Micro-Fiber, Printed Jacquards, Lace, Crepe's, Patterned and  Distressed Leatherette,  Peacock Skin, Faux Leather, Denims, Pinstripes, Modeled Knits, and much more.

We have several suppliers who research and develop new looks and styles keeping us on the cutting edge.  Our sample room produces several new concepts every week, from mattress covers to bolsters and foot protectors.  We blend colors and textures to create a attractive products with incredible feel, textures are very important to today's products. We are always searching for new feels, Plush, Flat, Ribbed, Smooth,  Brushed,  Cashmere, etc....  If your looking for for something new to excite your customer base then we can create it.  Follow us on twitter  http://twitter.com/#!/MATTRESSDESIGN  for the latest updates and new picture post of the most current projects.  For more information visit our website:  http://www.idealquilting.com or contact us toll free at 877- 748-8402  or international 416-748-8402.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


       Now that you have spent several months perfecting your new mattress line, and positioned the product on the retail floor,  how do you make it jump out of the sea of competitors product.


We at Ideal Concepts have a multiple solutions to enhance and accent your mattress line and bring your brand to the forefront.  Whether you need simple floor model protection or a decorative bolster / foot protector to promote your product and visually draw customers to your product first, we can create a design that will help bolster sales ( no pun intended lol..)

We carry and have access hundreds of different textiles, textures, and colors. We use Gerber cutting technology for accuracy and efficiency, in-house embroidery with hundred of colors of yarns,  in-house design team for custom graphics's and logo design.  We have heat seal transfer capability for visually stunning vivid designs and hundreds of different trims and accents available to produce that one of a kind product that will represent the excellence your product line deserves. 
We can make just about anything you can dream up,  Embroidered Handles, Foot protectors, Pillow Bolsters, Pillow Shams, Round Bolsters, Drapery,  Display Table Cloths,  Drop Labels, Mattress Borders, Etc.... The possibilities are endless.  Competitive pricing and incredible turnaround times will allow you deliver your concept quickly while meeting your budget.  When you're planing you next product launch call us to see how we can make your promotional items work for you.  
Visit our website www.idealquilting.com or call us (877- 748-8402) to discuss how to get the most bang for your promotional product dollar.