Our site is the first in our industry to allow creative interaction and hand over the design capabilities to the user. The " Kultur" design application in it's infancy will allow you to create thousands of different possible creative mattress concepts. This is only the beginning, and what a beginning it is. Be the first to create a look that is truly your creation

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Crown Top Mattress Concept"

In the constant search to improve mattress design and functionality, we at Ideal try to listen to the market demand for a better sleep system that could be utilized by all categories of mattress manufacturers. The "Crown Top Mattress Cover" was created by Ideal to accommodate a wide variety of internal components and provide the consumer a unique functional multiple use mattress.  The "Crown Top" Mattress is a multi sleep surface unit, with a removable top mattress that fastens on to either a single or dual zoned sleep surface(s). The crown top portion fastens to the base sleep units via a decorative laminate border that buttons down flat creating the look of a typical sleep unit.  The fastening system securely hold all unit into place.  Underneath the "Crown Top" is a secondary sleep surface that would allow the consumer to enjoy a good nights sleep. So in essence if you have guests spend the night you could remove the "Crown Top" for the guest bed, while still having the base unit for you own personal slumber.
       The Unique feature of this construction is that it works with all internal components, Water, air, latex, viscose, and pocket coil units. Any one of these constructions will pass the 1633 requirements easily.  There are no exposed zippers, but you have easy access to the inner chambers.  The design would allow you to have a common base with multiple tops to create a diverse lineup while reducing inventory. In the case of a comfort guarantee, what could be easier than just sending the customer a new top portion or internal component, no need to send back the entire unit. All top units are interchangeable. Think of the possibilities, one base unit with multiple tops to create an entire line, customers could upgrade the mattress by purchasing a new top only, you could even accommodate new technology that wasn't available at the time of purchase. The "Crown Top" design is only available from Ideal.  For more information contact us at Sales@idealquilting.com or visit our website http://www.idealquilting.com

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last week at the Toronto Furniture Market, Therapedic ( Sleep King Crown Design) introduced Chilibed Technology into their 2011 ``Personal Sleep Ambiance``mattress line.  Ideal designed the futuristic covers and created the logo`s and concept for the two models ``Adapt`` and  ``Evolve``. These covers featured a custom decorative rear construction that would allow the chili units access to the inner chamber. The Chilibed technology is designed to create the perfect sleeping environment and maintain a balanced temperature controlled to your personal comfort level throughout the night.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Chilibed-Chilipad technology of insuring the perfect personal sleep climate for the consumer, you and visit their website

 Sleep King also introduced several lines unique to the market.  Their new Lloyd and Penfield line featured 4 new beds: ``Kultur``, ``Pavilion``, ``Freemont``, and ``Scala``. These box top mattresses are the first to incorporate the axiom class centered panel quilting only available from Ideal.  Part of a symmetrical line, these mattresses are the future of sleep vision and comfort.  Centered border and centered panels, along with decorative trims put these units in a class by themselves. Kudos to the other models introduced by Sleep King, featuring new colors and new quilt designs. This years line is a refreshing change from the sea of ``blah``seen over and over again on today`s retail floors.  For more information on the Therapedic line, visit their website:

Thursday, January 20, 2011


             Ever wonder where and how designs are conceived?  Well it starts with a simplistic vision.  Remember when you were a young child lying in the grass on a summer's day looking up at the clouds and imagining what they look like ( "a car", "a lion's head", "a dragon", etc....), thus began the rudimentary vision of design at it's most primitive state. Ever listen to music and transform the sound into images in full vivid color " Plasticine People and Marshmallow Skies" and it inspires you?.   There is a skill and foresight of looking at the ordinary and finding it possesses you to envision, draw, create, or invent new ways of achieving new functional concepts that could revolutionize future trends.

This is the mantra we at Ideal follow.  We are never satisfied with the current trend and look to create the next opus to excite our industry and revitalize the way consumers perceive the future of bedding . We at Ideal not only concentrate on the visual design,  but put great thought into the functional aspect of the product.  Many companies hire marketing consultants to decide the future direction of what the consumer conceives to be the reason they purchase their product over the competitors. The problem with this is these firms only look at the current leading product and advise that this is the direction your company needs to go if you want increased market share. Their theory seems to be assimilate, join, or tweak the current trend if you want to compete on the retail floor. Why not be the leader?.  Why not create and market the product that will excite and rejuvenate consumers to thinking that your product range is revolutionary and will be the future of sleep. At Ideal we can help you with this.  We are creating new product every day, 365 days a year.  Contact us to make the impossible possible.  We are your resource for success.  Visit us for the most comprehensive idea network to put your product in echelon that it was meant to be.  http://www.idealquilting.com

Thursday, January 6, 2011


The Axiom Quilting Machine allows us to have more control of quilting pattern designs. Cluster patterns are a unique technique of grouping or "clustering" shape to create a centered panel look. Ideal originally conceived the concept on the Paragon Multi-needle Quilting machine, even though this worked we were limited by needle distance, fixed needle bar spacing, and software limitations. Once we challenged the Axiom with this type of design we found that we had a lot more freedom and could efficiently control the sewing time of the output. Through a function called "looping" we could also simulate centered panel patterns without having to design a different program for each mattress size. These patterns look great in the mattress panel, but  are equally appealing in centered border. But let's save that for another blog.  Ideal has created several 'cluster pattern" templates that will make product that standout in the sea of product on the showroom floor. Ideal mindset and drive is to innovate and not duplicate. We are always on the quest to turn the impossible into the possible. Stay tuned to this blog, as this is where we will announce and discuss new idea's and  innovations and concepts for the mattress industry. Ideal's new website will launch in a few weeks, so be sure to visit us. www.idealquilting.com

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


At "Ideal" not only do we believe in investing in technology, but we embrace and expect to test the limits of technology. One of our recent acquisitions is the Axiom quilter from Gribetz International. Even though the Axiom can be used for traditional quilting, we have spent the last 12 months pushing the envelope of the design software and the machinery to see how we can utilize to make unique and innovative products for the market.  And did we ever,  over a thousand new pattern designs were tested from the subdued to the intricate.  Centered panels, Centered Borders, Zoned Panels, Dual Pattern Channels, and Optical Designs, all made to function in a practical manufacturing environment.  We are still creating new designs and could create the one of design for your mattress line. If you can imagine it, "Ideal" can create it.

Be sure to visit our new website which launches week of January 18, 2011 www.idealquilting.com

Sunday, January 2, 2011


At IDEAL we try to keep up with trends and strive to create new ones.  Although our internal design team has a multitude of ideas, we sometime rely on suppliers, potential customers, and the retail community for input to inspire and perfect functional Mattress Cover Designs. We have intended "Blog"  for your input, comment, suggestions, and direction to create product and engineer it to work within your parameters. Color's, fills, construction's, textiles, and internal components the possibilities are endless. We have spent countless hours developing concepts that could be that next generation that excites customers and industry buyers again. We will post designs, pattern's and construction's for inspiration. We look forward to you interaction. Happy New Year.