Our site is the first in our industry to allow creative interaction and hand over the design capabilities to the user. The " Kultur" design application in it's infancy will allow you to create thousands of different possible creative mattress concepts. This is only the beginning, and what a beginning it is. Be the first to create a look that is truly your creation

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ideal introduces "KULTUR" a design concept and a web application that allows our clientele to interact with our design software through our website to add their own creative brush stroke and visualize the creation on screen. Choose your components:  Panel, Border, Gusset, Foundation, Tape, Construction, and Accessories to create the perfect look for your showroom. Submit your original design from over 14,000 possible combination's and we will sew, produce, and deliver your creation as per your specifications.   Unique "Axiom" panel and border pattern designs, Colored threads, Coordinating handles, Accent Buttons, Custom trims, and embroidery designs.  We have spent the last year pushing the technical boundaries of our equipment to bring you cutting edge designs not available to the mainstream market.  Our new website is now live.  We look forward to your visit and your comments.  Create, Create. Create...... www.Idealquilting.com